The primary objective of the Bank is to achieve and maintain price stability.
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The CBRT, which is responsible for the implementation of monetary and exchange rate policies, has an active role in money and foreign exchange markets.

The Bank conducts open market operations in order to regulate the money supply and liquidity in the economy. The Bank is also responsible for ensuring efficient distribution of liquidity and providing liquidity to the banking system in line with its function as the lender of last resort.

Within the framework of monetary policy objectives, the CBRT is in charge of performing Turkish lira rediscount and advance transactions except for acceptance and financing operations, conducting government domestic borrowing auctions on behalf of the Treasury as the fiscal agent of the Government and conducting foreign exchange and banknotes transactions under the current monetary and exchange rate policies. The Bank manages the foreign exchange and gold reserves of the country in an efficient manner, and it identifies the sources of market, credit, liquidity and operational risks arising from investments in international markets and proper policies to manage those risks.

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