Outstanding Loans Received From Abroad by Private Sector

Outstanding Loans Received From Abroad by Private Sector

Developments in Private Sector's Outstanding Loans Received From Abroad



Details on long and short-term loans received from abroad by private sector, which comprise information on borrower and creditor, currency denomination, disbursements, principal/interest payments and repayment schedule, are compiled via the intermediary resident banks’ transaction basis reporting forms submitted to the Central Bank of Turkey.

The said transactions data are recorded in the Balance of Payments Statistics in compliance with the sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6) prepared by the International Monetary Fund (IMF); whereas stocks data, which are derived from the disbursements and repayments and converted to USD by end-of-period exchange rates, are recorded in the International Investment Position in compliance with the External Debt Statistics Guide for Compilers and Users prepared by the IMF.

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