CBRT Circulars and Communiques

Gross National Product

Monthly Industrial Production and Monthly Manufacturing Industry Production Index

Consumer Price Index

Indicators for the CPIS Having Specified Coverages and Producer Price Index

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Price Indices

Real Effective Exchange Rate Index

Description of the Real Effective Exchange Rate Methodology

Balance of Payments Detailed Presentation (Annual Data)

Balance of Payments Detailed Presentation (Monthly Data-2005)

Balance of Payments Detailed Presentation (Monthly Data-2006)

International Reserves

International Standart Industry Categorization(Rev.3)

Broad Economic Categorization

Export by Countries

Import by Countries

Foreign Trade Unite Value Index

Foreign Trade Volume Indices

Outstanding External Debt

General Budget Balance and Financing

Domestic Debt Stock

Government Domestic Debt Instruments Owned By The Non-Bank Sector Residents And All Sectors of Non-Residents

Treasury Bills and Government Bonds Sold by Auction

Average Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates (End of period)

Cross Rates (End of period)

Exchange Rates on Banknote (End of period)

Weighted Average Interest Rates on TRY Deposits (End of Period)

Interest Rates on FX Deposits (End of Period)

Central Bank Open Market Operations - Repo Transactions

Central Bank Open Market Operations - Reverse Repo Transactions

Foreign Exchange Market Transactions

Volume of Foreign Exchange Transactions of Banks And Against Turkish Lira

Total Volume of Transactions in CBRT Money Market

Interest Rates in CBRT Money Market Transactionstal Volume of Transactions

CBRT's Interest Rates in Money Market

Interest Rates on Rediscounts and Advances

Istanbul Gold Exchange (Monthly Data)

Central Bank Balance Sheet

Deposit Money Banks Balance Sheet

Investment and Development Banks Balance Sheet

Deposit Money,Investment and Development Banks Aggregated Balance Sheet

Monetary Authorities - Sectoral Accounts

Deposit Money Banks - Sectoral Accounts

Monetary Survey

Investment and Development Banks - Sectoral Accounts

Banking Survey

Monetary Authorities - Foreign Assets and Liabilities

Central Bank - Credits

Central Bank - Deposits (Sectoral Breakdown)