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In the broadest terms, Balance of Payments is a statistical report prepared to show the systematic records of economic transactions between residents of a country with residents of another country (non-residents) over a certain period of time. The international standards regarding the compilation of the balance of payments statistics are defined in the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual prepared by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to provide guidance to member countries. These standards ensure comparability of the balance of payments statistics among countries.

Türkiye's Balance of Payments statistics are issued on a monthly basis and compiled based on the 6th edition of the IMF's Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual released in 2009.

Data are available as time series in EVDS. Click here for access.

Balance of Payments Developments - September 2023

Current Account

  • In September, current account recorded net surplus of USD 1,876 million. Gold and energy excluded current account indicated net surplus of USD 7,118 million.
  • Goods deficit recorded USD 3,657 million.
  • Services recorded a net surplus of USD 6,253 million. Under services, travel item recorded a net inflow of USD 5,033 million.
  • Primary income recorded a net outflow of USD 851 million, whereas secondary income indicated a net inflow of USD 131 million.

Financial Account

  • Direct investment recorded net outflow of USD 337 million.
  • Portfolio investment recorded a net inflow of USD 1.018 million. As regards to sub-items of liabilities, non-residents’ transactions on equity securities recorded net sales USD 263 million, government domestic debt securities recorded net purchases of USD 90 million.
  • Regarding the bond issues in international capital markets, banks and other sectors realized net borrowings of USD 1,429 million and USD 400 million, respectively.
  • Under other investment, Turkish banks’ currency and deposits within their foreign correspondent bank accounts decreased by USD 3,258 million.
  • Non-resident banks’ deposit accounts held within domestic banks increased by USD 414 million, with an increase of USD 162 million in foreign currency and USD 252 million in Turkish lira accounts.
  • Regarding the loans provided from abroad, banks, other sectors and General Government realized borrowing of USD 1,632 million, USD 354 million and USD 152 million, respectively.
  • Official reserves increased by USD 7,663 million.

Data - September 2023


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