Financial Stability Reports


The CBRT monitors the vulnerabilities of the financial system, assesses risks that might cause instability with a macroeconomic perspective and publishes the Financial Stability Report twice a year, in which it presents its opinions and analyses so that these risks can be managed in an effective and timely manner. The main objective of this report is to enable all relevant parties to have access to necessary information and to contribute to maintaining financial stability.

Financial Stability Report is composed of four main chapters as follows:

  • Macroeconomic Outlook
    • International Developments
    • Domestic Developments
  • Non-Financial Sector
    • Household Developments
    • Corporate Sector Developments
  • Financial Sector
    • Credit Risk
    • Liquidity Risk
    • Interest Rate and Exchange Rate Risk
    • Capital Adequacy and Profitability 
  • Special Topics

All issues of the Financial Stability Report that have been published since 2005 are accessible via the following links:


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