Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank (TAKASBANK)


Takasbank ( operates "the Equity Market Clearing System” and the “Debt Securities Market Clearing System” through which the clearing and settlement of the transactions traded at Borsa İstanbul Inc. Equity Market and Debt Securities Market are carried out. In addition, Takasbank operates "Takasbank Cheque Clearing System" through which clearing and settlement of the transactions regarding cheque clearing activities processed.

Securities delivery/receipt transactions of Borsa Istanbul members arising from the buy-sell transactions are executed via Takasbank. Payment obligations of these members arising from buying and selling of securities are settled by book entry by Takasbank. "Takasbank Cheque Clearing System" is a system operated in an electronic environment that is established to realize the payment of cheques between bank branches in an account and to mediate clearing and settlement transactions.

Takasbank was granted operating licenses as a securities settlement system operator and as a payment system operator by the CBRT’s decisions. These decisions were published in the Official Gazette No. 29391, dated June 19, 2015 and No. 30463, dated June 29, 2018, respectively.